Giving back

Allegion is honored to support our gobal communities - not just with our vision to make the world safer, but also through the passions and service of our people. We empower employees to identify local needs and make a difference where they live and work.

Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG

Serve Others, Not Yourself

Service is at the core of Allegion’s values. Each year, our employees around the world are proud to directly support organizations and initiatives through donations, engagement and thousands of hours of volunteerism. We are committed to improving and supporting our local communities around the globe.


With a company vision of making the world safer, our people use Allegion's expertise in safety and security to give back - and believe it's the right thing to do.

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We encourage our people to embrace a culture that emphasizes safe and healthy lifestyles - both at home and at work. To help our communities do the same, we've partnered with a number of organizations that empower healthy habits and tackle systemic and broad-based challenges to health and wellness.

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Because we are a global company, our people work to address the diverse and unique needs of the communities where we operate through local programs and initiatives.

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