Robert “Bobby” Prostko

Principal, Allegion Ventures

Bobby has a passion for helping other people grow their businesses through innovation. Legal and technology issues are uniquely intertwined, and it’s hard to find someone who understands both, which is why Bobby is particularly valuable to our portfolio companies. He has a wide range of experiences, from working with startups to advising large tech companies on intellectual property and cybersecurity strategies, and is an expert at creating easy-to-understand solutions to guide executives through the complexity of technical and legal problems.

As a principal at Allegion Ventures, Bobby quickly builds relationships and trust with people because he is approachable, understanding and enthusiastic. He also is the chief cybersecurity counsel and senior counsel, intellectual property of Allegion plc, where he works closely with Allegion’s business and engineering leaders to tackle complex technology issues facing the company. Bobby sees cybersecurity and intellectual property as foundational issues for connected products. He understands these issues can drive value for startups if done properly and is a highly-valued sounding board for our portfolio companies on these issues. Senior executives frequently seek out and appreciate his candid, practical advice on business issues as well.

Bobby is married with two young children. On weekends, you will find him with his family at the trampoline park or the pool. Bobby loves video games, motorsports racing and comic books. He volunteers and supports several organizations that promote exercise and healthy lifestyles, especially in children.

He has a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and computer science from the University of Louisville, a J.D. degree from DePaul University College of Law, and is pursuing a master’s degree in cybersecurity from Brown University.

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