Principal speaks with FinTech Times about protecting from cybersecurity threats during remote work

Robert Prostkon

With companies all over the globe having to shift to remote working as well as offering digital services due to the coronavirus pandemic, cybersecurity threats have increased, particularly for fintech and financial companies.

Robert Prostko, principal with Allegion Ventures, as well as Allegion’s deputy general counsel for intellectual property and cybersecurity and its chief privacy officer, spoke with FinTech Times about his advice on how fintech companies can better protect themselves from cyber-attacks. 

A cybersecurity attack can be an existential threat to any company – but especially a fintech company. As fintech becomes ubiquitous throughout both the consumer and commercial economy, fintech services are exposed to many of the same privacy and cybersecurity threats that have afflicted other services and connected products. 

No service or device is immune in today’s digital world. But there are a number of actions fintech companies can take to better protect themselves.

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Source: Allegion PLC

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