Voice Technology

Voice technology is everywhere, and it's shaping how we interact with our environments. Join the Allegion Ventures crew as we dive deeper into voice technology, looking at how voice can be a platform, user interface, security and access credential, and more.

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Getting Started with Voice

“The convenience of using voice technology is so high,” says Allegion Ventures Principal John Goodwin. As voice technology continues to develop, he sees a clear need to re-think how we’ve developed applications to accommodate the voice interface - and to think voice- and mobile-first.

Voice Tech Goes to Work

The traction is just starting for consumers - but enterprises and the commercial world have barely tapped into voice tech! Hear John and Doshia talk about potential day-to-day life planning and productivity hacks.

Allegion Ventures Becomes Strategic Investor in Voice Security Innovator Pindrop

Pindrop is a pioneer in voice security and authentication – and their proprietary technology bridges a gap that our team sees between physical and digital security. Allegion, as a global security leader, will partner with Pindrop to add valuable industry and IoT expertise. Having Allegion Ventures as an investor strengthens the technology’s ability to meet customer needs and accelerates its adoption in new markets.

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Voice in Everyday Life

Join Doshia Stewart and John Goodwin on how voice technology is impacting the way users interact with mobile devices, and how it's making everyday behaviors, like searching for information, easier.

Voice and Society

AI and machine learning technology is taking voice assistants to new levels in both the home and workplace, driving a seamless experience. Moving from our homes to our cars to our work, voice technology is blurring the lines to help us be more productive. As voice interfaces find their way into more homes around the world, look – and listen – for these simple-to-use interfaces to begin showing up in other aspects of our lives, like at schools and healthcare facilities.

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Voice as a platform

Voice has made interacting with technology more fluid and natural. Join Doshia to hear John Goodwin's thoughts on how voice has gained traction among consumers, and how the rapidly growing voice infrastructure is setting our society up for the future.

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