Allegion Ventures

Our focus

Allegion Ventures is looking for entrepreneurs who share our pioneering spirit.

  • Companies reducing friction in the world so buildings are smarter and security is stronger but less intrusive.
  • Enabling technology that makes access easier, quicker and more secure.
  • User experience as a key feature of the technology.

We’re looking for early-stage companies that are poised for growth, with checks anywhere from $250,000 to $5 million or more.

As a global company, we follow the technology and are not bound to any particular geography.


There are many types of security in and around a building - from the high security of perimeters to the nuanced access of sensitive areas. How does your company help tenants navigate the unique security needs of a building - seamlessly?


Complex access control needs often breed complex solutions. How does your technology help people get to where they need to be - quickly and easily across multiple locations, yet without compromising security?


The world is complicated, and it's growing more complicated by the day. How is your technology helping make your users' lives simpler and easier?